Community-based After-death Care

The Lily House provides the option of community-based after-death care. This is a friends and family-centered response to death that reclaims our right to care for our dead, transforming a commercial transaction done by others to a sacred service performed by loved ones.


Friends and family-centered after-death care is optional, and may include:
      DIY coffin building and decorating
      washing and dressing the body
      home funerals
      shrouding the body
      body transportation
      natural burials
      direct cremation
      personalized memorials and celebrations of life

     empowers us as participants vs spectators
     provides authentic and intimate connections
     supports the grieving process
     inspires feelings of gratitude & purpose
     environmentally sustainable
     saves thousands of dollars in funeral expenses

Help us empower friends and family to provide after-death care for their loved ones.

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