As a home for living and dyingcreated by and for our communityThe Lily House couldn’t exist without the generosity of our friends, family, and neighbors. Your donations make it possible for us to provide compassionate end-of-life care at no cost for those in need.

Love and gratitude to:  

Kim Adams and Toni Blackwell
Helen Addison

Norma Jean Anderson
Susan H. Anthony

Carol and Jac Augat
Patricia Babyak, S. Kent Rockwell Foundation

Anne Baer-Clark (in memory of Bumpy, Pop Pop, and Linda Merrylees, and in honor of Leo Griscom Wolfe)

Bailey Bob Bailey and Breon Dunigan

Donna Baker, Columbia Community Deathcare
Holly Ballard-Gardner 
(in memory of Richard Ballard)
Cynthia Bargar

Pamela and David Baron
Carol Bergen 
(in memory of the women in my life that are gone, and for those of us yet to go)
Sara Blandford

Ariel Bleth
Heather Blume

Steward Bond and Dan Rodas
Savina Brierly

Naya Bricher
Bettina Brown
Susan Rand Brown

Beth Brownholtz (in memory of Emerson & Helen Reynolds and Sonoko Nagahara)

Christina Bruns

Paula and Bob Bruns (in memory of Paul Shiavone and Dennis Gammon)

Walter Buckingham and Sheryl Jaffe (in memory of Barbara Lacombe Grant)
Lucile Burt
Loretta Butehorn

Barbara Cardinal, The Gramercy Park Foundation

Martin Caron

Bonnie Catena (in memory of Dan Catena)
Hania Cennerazzo

Edward G. Christie and Howard Karren
Jim Christopher

Jo Citron
Liz and Daisey Clark 

Linda Collins (in honor of my mother-in-law Marilyn Collins)

Christine Connors and Beverly Bates 

James Connors

Claudia Cope
Kim Cromwell
Linda Davis 
(in memory of mom Patricia Nordenschild)
Mary DeAngelis and Marion Roth

Jerry and Debbie Cotter
Anne Cowie and Amy Graves

Diane Dean

Mary Deangelis and Marion Roth

Jeannette de Beauvior (for Cherry)

Vida Demale
Anita Doyle

Jennifer Elcock (in memory of Gatria (Mather) Wheeler)

Madeleine Entel

Carol and John Erickson (in honor of Paula Erickson)
Paula Erickson (in memory of Lauren McClellan, David Sanford Erickson, and Lucy)
Hannah S Ewart
Thomas A. Ewart
Bill Farmer 
(in memory of Deb Milner)

Donna Flax

Emily Flax

Joe Fonseca

Tessa Fontaine
Deborah Forsigh

Brad Fowler
Mary Fox

Marla Freedman-Rice and Kevin Rice

Elaine and Ana Giardino

Cynthia Glott
Susan Gluck
Kate Golden

Beth Goldstein (in memory of Annie and Phyllis Goldstein and Barbara Lacombe Grant)

Joel Grossman

Michael Grunebaum

Gwynne Guzzeau (in memory Jamia Kelly)

Katherine Hazzard

Joyce Henion (in memory Richard S. Henion)

Marcie Hershman

Katie Hickey

Anne P. Hinton

Megan Hinton
David Hoffman 
(in honor of the leadership of Jac Augat)

Joan Holt
Jack Horner and Ron Skinn

Timothy Huber

Anne L. Irwin (in memory of Barbara Lacombe Grant)

Judith Ives (in memory of my parents)

Sheryl A. Jaffe and Walter J. Buckingham (in memory of Barbara Lacombe Grant)

Joe Jerolimo (in memory of Joseph G. Jerolimo)

Nancy Johnshoy

Karen Kaufman

David Keller
Mary Kelley (in memory of Sandy Wonders)

Maggie Koosa

Harriet Korim
Melinda Asman Krasting 
(in memory of Nancy Johnston Asman)

Susan Kurtzman

Roxanne Layton (in memory of Pura Amador Maso)

Sally and Kyle Lanham (in honor of Paula Erickson)

Jane Lea and Jennifer Shannon 
Ellen Lebow

Christine Leduc

Denya Levine
Paul Lisicky

Judy Linen and Ellen Daley (in memory of Kristen Verde)

Bob and Pegge MacArthur
Kenneth and Joanne Mackenzie 
(in memory of Jody Mackenzie)

Joshua MacNeil

Chuck Mandansky and Wilderness Sarachild

Bronwyn Malicoat

Ted Malone

Elaine McIlroy

Christine Merol

Emily Elliot Miller (in memory of Richard Henry Miller and Joan McD Miller)

Cheri Mittenthal

Christopher Nagle

Ruthann Navas

Robert Norton

Karen Ojala

Brian O'Malley

Diane Pansire
Kate Perelli

Teresa Parker
Eric Pelligrini (in memory of Gatria Wheeler)

Susan Peskin

Joni Rapp
Mary Riley

Robert Rindler

Cynthia Robotham
Dan Rodas and Stewart Bond

Fermin Rojas and Jay Kubesch
Daryl Roth
(in memory of David Kandall)

Amy Roth-Sandrolini
Jill Rothenberg-Simmons
Ellen Rubenstein

Jen Rumpza (in memory of Barbara Lacombe Grant)

Julia Salinger (in memory of my mother Selma Salinger, who did not die alone)

Mary Jane Samuel

Natalie Santoro
Evelyn Savage
Deanne Schaumburg

Hanna Schneider
Heidi A. Schuetz and Daniel A. Wolf 
(in memory of Barbara Lacombe Grant)

Melissa Shaak

Daniel Sheehy

Kimberly Sheridan (in memory of Mary Walsh)
Angela Shook

David Shortsleeve, Kinlin Grover Real Estate

Christine Shreves

Wes Slate and Georgia Bills
Julia Smith

Janis Sommers

Della Spring (in memory of Barbara Lacombe Grant)

Maura Staker
Leslie Starr and Mark Dubois

Jill Stauffer
Gena Stoll-Ewart (in memory of Robert P. Stoll)

Anne Stott

Sandra Tanco

Sallie and Peter Tighe (in memory of Audrey D. Smith and Bobby McWilliams)
Edward Ulmer

Rev Kate Wilkerson, Unitarian Universalist Meeting House
Betsy Van Dorn
Tabitha Vevers (in loving memory of my mum Elspeth Halvorsen Vevers) 

Nicole Vitello
Kate Wallace-Rogers
(in memory of Marcia Vickery Wallace)

Dawn Walsh (in memory of Mary Walsh, Alice, Sabina, Lily, and Lucy Cats)

Bette Warner

Carol Warshawsky

Jeanne M. Washington

Jonathan and Carole Watson

Suede Wave
Lisa Weissmann

Rev Kate Wilkerson, Provincetown Unitarian Universalist Meeting House 

Sara Williams (in honor of Kim Adams)
Loren Wilson
Nancy and Eric Winslow (in memory of Sandy Wonders)

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Cape Cod 5

Kinlin Grover Real Estate
Massachusetts Association of Realtors

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