To provide 24/7 hospice-level continuum of care in a peaceful, compassionate, and contemplative environment where terminally ill residents can live and die with dignity, comfort, and grace while being cared for with love—at no cost to those in need.  


Not long ago, the majority of us died in the comfort of our own home. Today, 80% of us wish to die at home—yet only 20% of us do. The Lily house serves to bridge this gap. Lily House residents feel at home, because they are at home. We support our residents to live as fully as possible until the time of death. We foster an environment of beauty and creativity as we join together to care for our dying. We serve as a community resource, offering bereavement support, end-of-life planning, death education, and contemplative art workshops. 


Omega Home Network

The Lily House is not a medical facility, hospice, hospital, or nursing home. It is part of a national grassroots movement to improve the end-of-life experience for individuals, friends, and families in local communities. We are a member of the Omega Home Network, a national non-profit organization that promotes the development and expansion of community homes for dying people. 

This is our mission.

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